Two brief SPQR updates


November 26, 2009

Here are two quick notes (and a bonus meta-note) about the quickly-evolving SPQR project:

  1. SPQR now includes a gem target (courtesy of jeweler). Pull a recent version and sudo rake install to try it out. Once the project has stabilized a little more, I will publish gems to gemcutter.
  2. I’m mirroring the fedorahosted SPQR repository on github; if you’re already a github user, you might rather follow the repository there.

I’m pretty excited about SPQR, but this site won’t become “all SPQR, all the time.” Since interested hackers can easily follow the day-to-day project status on github or fedorahosted, I will reserve future SPQR-related blog posts for substantial announcements.