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September 12, 2020

photo of William Benton, a man with stubble and glasses

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Capsule biography and curriculum vitæ

Here’s a short professional biography that is suitable for adding to talk abstracts:

William Benton is passionate about making it easier for machine learning practitioners to benefit from advanced infrastructure and making it possible for organizations to manage machine learning systems. His recent roles have included defining product strategy and professional services offerings related to data science and machine learning, leading teams of data scientists and engineers, and contributing to many open source communities related to data, ML, and distributed systems. Will was an early advocate of building machine learning systems on Kubernetes and developed and popularized the “intelligent applications” idiom for machine learning systems in the cloud. He has also conducted research and development related to static program analysis, language runtimes, cluster configuration management, and music technology.

You can also download my résumé (current as of early 2020). My CV is less up-to-date.

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