If you've built tools on the Wallaby API, you may be interested in some recent changes to the API; these are currently in source control and will appear in the upcoming 0.4.0 release of the wallaby agent and support libraries.

If you've been using a version of the Wallaby agent prior to 0.3.5, you'll want to note that the Wallaby classes are now in a different QMF package. In older versions, the QMF package name was mrg.grid.config; now, the QMF package name is com.redhat.grid.config. (The ruby module names implementing Wallaby still begin with Mrg::Grid, but this is unlikely to affect most users.)

If you've been using version 0.3.5 of the Wallaby agent, then you'll want to note that most of the "getter" methods have been replaced by QMF properties. This should simplify most console applications. We've also renamed some methods to make their functionality clearer. The main changes are as follows:

  • The Feature#getName method is now the name property
  • The Feature#getFeatures method is now the included_features property
  • The Feature#modifyFeatures method is now called modifyIncludedFeatures
  • The Feature#getParams method is now the params property
  • The Feature#getParamMeta method is now the param_meta property
  • The Feature#getConflicts method is now the conflicts property
  • The Feature#getDepends method is now the depends property
  • The Group#getMembership method is now the membership property
  • The Group#getName method is now the name property
  • The Group#getFeatures method is now the features property
  • The Group#getParams method is now the params property
  • The Node#getIdentityGroup method is now the identity_group property
  • The Node#getMemberships method is now the memberships property
  • The Parameter#getType method is now the kind property
  • The Parameter#setType method is now called setKind
  • The Parameter#getDescription method is now the description property
  • The Parameter#getDefault method is now the default property
  • The Parameter#getDefaultMustChange method is now the must_change property
  • The Parameter#setDefaultMustChange method is now called setMustChange
  • The Parameter#getVisibilityLevel method is now the visibility_level property
  • The Parameter#getRequiresRestart method is now the requires_restart property
  • The Parameter#getDepends method is now the depends property
  • The Parameter#getConflicts method is now the conflicts property
  • The Subsystem#getParams method is now the params property

For full documentation of the Wallaby API, please see the API documentation link on getwallaby.com.

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